Posted by: mandi bateson | March 18, 2009

6 technology ideas your competitors already know about

The technology is no secret, so your competitors already know about these top 6 ideas. So how can you do it better?

Video conferencing
Why you’ll do it better

You can integrate the technology with seminars on better webinar presenting so your salesforce can gain a competitive edge and reduce the cost of sale.

Workforce mobility
Why you’ll do it better

Use management tools to review and control expenditure and deliver superior quality yet cost effective unified communications, device management and secure data networks.

Green IT
Why you’ll do it better

By aligning sustainable initiatives with business objectives you can make a difference in 3 critical areas – environmental impact, business improvement and financial benefit.

Web 2.0
Why you’ll do it better

Your confidence in your data network security and a clear code of conduct will allow you to initiate internal and external Web 2.0 solutions for real business value.   

Network redundancy
Why you’ll do it better

Using a multi-carrier network solution means that even your Plan B has a Plan B.

Why you’ll do it better

Server and storage virtualisation made you look good; integrating both will give you bragging rights for years. 

A few q’s …

So what technology are you using to stay ahead of your competitors?

What technology are you happy to leave to the others?

What has piqued your interest that you’d like to know more about?


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