Posted by: mandi bateson | March 30, 2009

Taking technology to the cleaners

I’d been considering getting some professional cleaners in for an “Autumn Clean”. The same day the thought popped into my head a cleaning company sent me a promotional text offering $$ off their hourly rate. Although I wasn’t entirely sure how I made it on to their mobile target list [tangent] it was amazing luck – targeting a prospect at the exact moment they realised they had a problem and were looking for a solution.  I called the number and left a message on the answering machine, even mentioning how spot on the timing was. No response. Another call, still no answer, another message. Not a peep until a week later when I received a second promotional message. I tried to make contact again but had the same result.  

My first reaction was to not use them again out of principal. Then I checked my head and realised that we often rant about how new technology can help small business – if they only gave it a go. So these business owners decided to face the recession by ramping up their marketing instead of cutting back. Thumbs up! Technology is a great way to deliver an economic and effective campaign but the fundamentals still apply. If you use technology to replace instead of enhance or facilitate the sales process then the customer experience will begin to decline. And that’s your repeat business walking out the door.



  1. […] testing the boundaries of the spam act or codes of conduct will not get you my business.   Oh and back to my original point, if you do want my business then be ready for it!  p.s. feel free to name and shame serial […]

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