Posted by: mandi bateson | April 3, 2009

The lone marketer

I started out my marketing career in small business. It’s an interesting way to earn your stripes. Most of the time you are the marketing department. Except, of course, for the CEO, CFO, customer service reps and the sales manager’s wife who all happen to be marketing experts in their spare time. It’s great because you get a broad base of experience to build on, covering all aspects of the marketing mix. It’s not great because it’s so easy to stay isolated and you miss out on the collaborative learning environment you get in a marketing team.

Social media means never having to market alone

Social media means never having to market alone

I’ve only been part of a marketing team for a little over a year. I have absorbed more information in that time then I could possibly measure. I have also started connecting with the Sydney digital marketing crew and again I find myself immersed in conversations I had never dreamed of before – maybe because it would be hell geeky to dream of marketing conversations. If I had known it was this simple to connect when I was working in my SME world, I have no doubt that I would be miles ahead of where I am now as a marketer.

I’m not sure if there are communities out there suitable for small business marketers. Without the support of like minded managers, it’s hard to get the time to attend networking events, even if they offer more direct professional development. So who is getting involved? Is there anyone reaching out for a connection and just shouting into thin air?

As for the people who are tolerating my newfound glee to be surrounded by industry talk – thank you for the conversations, the inspirations and the explanations.


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