Posted by: mandi bateson | April 6, 2009

If you seek a job

Australia is facing potential unemployment figures of 10%. So if you find yourself searching for a job in the near future, don’t be overwhelmed by how time consuming and confusing the process can be. How can you make a great impression and stand out from the crowd without stressing out?


Tailoring your applicaiton to suit each advertisement shouldn’t take too much time. Keep a document of various components that could go into your CV so you can cut and paste the relevant points. One style won’t necessarily fit all so use a few different templates and focus on what the advertiser deems as a priority. Save the documents with the company name in the file name for easy reference. Don’t forget to save it as a compatible format if you’re using Office 2007.

Voicemail is your friend

Once you’ve started applying, consider screening all incoming calls. It’s difficult to dazzle a recruiter when you’re juggling bags of groceries while standing in line at the post office. Leaving the calls to go to voicemail gives you time to prepare for the call, review the cover letter and CV you submitted for this particular application and be ready to make the best first impression. Don’t forget to check that your mailbox message is clear and professional.

Write that down

Create a log in for the job search websites and use the tools provided to their advantage. By including a few notes your saved jobs page will give you a brilliant overview of the status of each application. If you have applied directly using an email provided in the ad, make a note of this in your saved jobs to stop yourself from hitting “Apply Now” next time you log in. Keep track of any responses and the name of anyone who makes contact so you don’t find yourself saying “I was speaking to someone the other day about my excellent relationship management skills. Was it you?”.

Clean up

You may think you’re all over the social media privacy options but do you really want the out of context photo of you handcuffed to a police car to prove you wrong? Facebook has made serious changes in the past year that may have had an impact on your previously defined settings. Six degrees of seperation means that allowing “Friends of Friends” to view your items may ensure half of Australia has access to your profile. If you’ve been tempted to stretch the truth on your CV, the transparency of LinkedIn might make it difficult to pull off the ruse, no matter how many recommendations you have [don’t get me started on recommendations! Too late – tangent!]. And don’t forget to Google yourself! You might not be the only person talking about you on this world wide web.


The downside of signing up with multiple recruiters is having to go through the introductory interview again and again and again. It’s a great opportunity to practice your interview skills but if you’re time poor keep the interviews to a minimum by choosing a select few who have impressed you so far. If you see a job advertised by another agency, approach your contacts first. They might be able to leverage existing relationships to get you an interview or, if not, I’m sure plenty of recruiters would be happy to try and get a new client on their books in this competitive time.

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I hope most of you don’t find yourself in this situation but if you do, best of luck! Feel free to come back and share your experiences.




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