Posted by: mandi bateson | April 29, 2009

Omegle, camels and the Bolshevic revolution

Have you checked out Omegle? You connect and immediately there’s a stranger waiting at the other end to talk to you. When I logged on there were 1870 users online. It seemed most of them were either pushing a website, asking for phone sex or were physically unable to type anything other then hey, yes or no. Finally after disconnecting around 17 conversations, I found a normal person.


The conversation started tentatively – we had exchanged pleasantries and I still hadn’t been propositioned for sex. I felt relieved – and maybe a little hurt. He was from Saudi Arabia, studying mechanical engineering and assumed I was male for the first 10 minutes of our conversation. I only make note of this because the other conversations generally started with some comment about my female parts so it was a refreshing change. It became obvious he had a good sense of humour and soon we were chatting like the strangers we were. Some highlights:

  • Snow is romantic for all, sand is only romantic for camels
  • Dubai is ok to visit but not too live
  • Black cars with black leather make driving in August unbearable
  • They have non alcoholic beer in Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain is 20mins away and Saudi’s go there for drinking, clubbing and hookers
  • Stranger only goes for cinemas and books
  • I think I actually believe Stranger only goes for cinemas and books
  • They have a Stephen Conroy too!
  • They also have software to bypass the internet filters
  • Saudi has no porn of any kind
  • Stranger’s immediate family of 8 is small by Saudi standards (must have to do with no porn)
  • Stranger has 40 cousins on his maternal side and his aunts do all the cooking when they get together to celebrate
  • Stranger  wants to work with turbines and compressors
  • Changing mid career from comms to digital marketing is much like changing from manufactoring to the energy sector
  • Stranger would like to cook but hasn’t been given a chance
  • Stranger’s also seriously burnt himself twice and probably shouldn’t cook for his own safety
  • As a kid Stranger used to recgonise the way to the hospital and cry if they had to go in that direction (awwww)
  • Two days ago Stranger made a cheese + green salad + egg plant + hot sauce sandwich
  • Frying french fries is men’s work
  • Sampling is everyone’s work
  • Stranger thinks crying girls are sexy girls
  • There is a saying in arabic: the spirit raises and goes down
  • Cold weather makes people sleepy
  • Students who don’t drink need to sleep more
  • Stealing a loaf of bread to get a free ticket to Australia is smart
  • Stranger’s family moved from Uzbekistan due to the Bolshevic revolution
  • Wanting to invade a country, change a culture and rip off a religion is nothing new
  • Stranger thinks it is sad…but there’s no point of being upset

We ended the conversation without exchanging names or future contact details. I’d be  more than happy to have another 10 conversations with Stranger but in the spirit of Omegle I felt there was a certain charm in keeping it anonymous. Thanks to Stranger for such an entertaining conversation with plenty of laughter, learning and a new found respect for Omegle.

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